Welcome to My Blog

Hi my name is MidnightPearl or Pearl for short. I have decided to conjure up a blog for all of you, to read some of my short stories or have a lookie at my pictures of my homes that I have build for The Sims 4 game as well as some other weird glitchy pictures within my game too. Plus some pictures of my Crochet projects and some amazing stories of my life as well.

I’m a Cancer Survivor of 8 years since 2011, I had a very rare cancer that I was born with a tumour in the middle of my chest wall, didn’t know about it until I lost dramatic weight in 2011. People who were friends with me were very concerned the amount of weight I had lost and that I should immediately seek help, so I did, by that time, I had lost too much weight and was getting weak, had no stamina to move, but I had a CT scan and the specialist discovered a ”mass” tumour directly under my sternum bone, I had another CT scan/biopsy, the specialist took 5 samples, had to wait 1 week for those results, saw the specialist and he told me it wasn’t good news and it came back ”Malignant”, I cried and asked what stage am I at and am i going to die, I had questions. he booked me into surgery immediately and I had surgery within 5 days after being diagnosed with ”Thymoma Cancer” I had cancer in the ”thymus gland”. The surgery went for 5 hrs, they had to cut my sternum bone in half, remove the infected tumour and put my sternum bone back with pins and wires. They told me after surgery that it was only stage 1 cancer but it was ready to spread into my heart and lungs in a matter of weeks which would’ve been stage 4 cancer which means I’d only have a 20% of life to live, so I’m extremely lucky and extremely relieved that I did this biopsy/CT scan when I did, or else I wouldn’t be here today telling you about it. Thank you to the specialist who saved my life.

Thanks for coming and looking and reading.